At Pronto BPO we believe that your success is our success, every client is important no matter the size. 

We are a multi-lingual Contact Center & BPO with locations in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and soon USA. 

We know that in order to manage and help improve your business, 

we need to know how it works and that is why everyone is involved, including the CEO, in every account that we handle.

A great deal of effort and thought goes into every detail of the process so we can become a true extension of your company.

We believe in long-term relationships by achieving metrics and maintaining high levels of service so you can reach your business goals.

We are a company we would want to do business with and that is why you will never be just another customer at Pronto BPO. Come Join us







We conduct ourselves with efficiency, speed of response, attention to detail, trust, information provision,

monitoring, and all the processes that compete with the operation, 

just to cover the needs of our customers. 


Honesty, Responsibility, Passion, Innovation, Excellence, Efficiency & Respect.



We establish a connection with our clients with a view to improving operational quality, customizing every detail of the process and giving them the importance, they require.



We manage to keep up with innovation in all areas, modifying elements that we already have or creating total new elements to improve operational process and keep being competitive in the industry.



We based on a strategic evaluation after analyze skills, controls and systems to design a solution based on the goal we want to achieve. We trained the work team and give them knowledge to carry out the procedures accurately.  After planning, pilots are carried out to ensure the achievement of the objectives and all this process to validating the results and finally make it happen.



Carrying out the processes with the best quality, achieving the sum of outstanding actions and giving better results than expected, this are our most notable feature and it is our own personal goal.



We are not a huge bureaucratic company. We are a mid-size company that can provide the individual attention you need and want from a partner.

Personalized Service

We will provide you with a personalized service that exceeds your needs. You will never be just another customer

Understanding of American Culture

Some of our collaborators have lived or spent time in the United States, and all are familiar with American TV, sports, movies and culture.


We characterized of being one of the few Multi-linguals Contact Center in Guatemala. Maintaining a high level of English competency being able to service in English and Spanish with the same agent.

Work Environment

97% of human talent retention. Highest in Guatemala. Happy employees will be more productive and be more positive interactions with your customers.


Our Guatemala headquarters location is less than a 3-hour flight from US. We also have offices in El Salvador and Honduras all located in a U.S. time zone. Soon to open our offices in US.

Our services

We conduct ourselves with efficiency, speed of response, attention to detail, trust, information provision, monitoring, and all the processes that compete with the operation, just to cover the needs of our customers. 

Customer Services

From the moment they start training, they are instilled with a customer service culture that matches the values of our company.

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Back Office

At Pronto PBO we can handle Chat and Email for the different requirements our clients may have.

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Technical Support

We focus on first call resolution to ensure a good experience for every customer that calls in.

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Video Call

Closer communication without borders

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We have the experience to be able to meet and exceed the established goal.

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We’re passionate about helping our clients achieve financial success. See what they have to say about our expertise.



Training courses are a great tool to obtain notable improvements personally and professionally. 

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Easy generation of accounting entries related to payroll payment transactions.


Quality Accurance

Doing this requires overcoming obstacles that will arise along the way.



The best trust us



the answer are
you looking for



Mentions & Testimonials

“We have worked in the operating sector of Customer Service, Sales, Back Office, Collections and Portfolio Recovery, obtaining excellent results in all areas.
It should be mentioned that it is a company that stands out and fully fulfills its values respect, responsibility, order, passion, teamwork and honesty.!”

Cargo Expresso
Otto Arenas
“When we started the alliance with Grupo Tellamo, we had been working with another
partner in Guatemala. Under Grupo Tellamo, we have managed to achieve more consistent
service delivery and growth and we have felt more confident in our ability to direct our operations
in accordance with local customs and laws, as well as in line with the values ​​of our own company.”

Prialto, Inc
Eric Taussig
“We highly recommend Grupo Te Llamo,
S.A., which has provided us with the Call Center service for Express Cargo since
September 2015.
In this time through the telephone office calls have been answered from our
clients and we have had an excellent quality of response, reaching the
levels of care required by our organization.”

Grupo Almo
Alicia del Pila Lozano
“In the time we have worked with Pronto Bpo, 4.7 million calls have been answered, in addition to this we are provided to reply service in social media messages.
We have had a good quality of response and achieved the levels of attention required by our organization.!”
Mellany Del Pilar Sancé

Pronto BPO in numbers

The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.

Of calls per year​

Sales through digital platforms

Level of customer satisfaccion​


Human talent retention​

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New Horizons: Pronto BPO Achievements in 2023 and Visionary Goals for 2024

By Andrea BarillasLeave a comment

January 2024 The year 2023 was a milestone in the history of Pronto BPO, where every achievement became a step towards a more promising future. In addition to further solidifying our presence in El Salvador and Honduras, the acquisition of Slingshot in the U.S. marked strategic growth. Now, reflecting on these successes, we are excited to share how we exceeded our sales targets, conquered the market in Canada, and embraced technological innovations to offer cutting-edge services. Pronto BPO Achievements in 2023: Goals and Objectives for 2024: In summary, 2023 has been a period of remarkable achievements for Pronto BPO. Looking…

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Recognition: Contributing to Job Generation

By Andrea BarillasLeave a comment

September 28, 2023 We are pleased to share exciting news with all of you. At Pronto BPO, we have been honored with a special recognition from the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare in Guatemala, through the General Directorate of Employment, for our constant participation in labor intermediation spaces. This recognition reflects our continued commitment to job creation and support to the labor community. This recognition inspires us to continue working tirelessly to make a difference in the labor market and in people’s lives. We will continue to look for opportunities to strengthen our collaboration with the Ministry of Labor…

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Pronto BPO celebrates the achievements of 2022 and projects itself for 2023.

By Andrea BarillasLeave a comment

Guatemala City, April 2023. Multilingual Contact Center and BPO, Pronto BPO is part of the TOP + America 2022 Ranking by TOP Companies, a position that confirms its commitment to its human capital and its status as the perfect platform for the projects it is developing this year. To obtain this nomination, an exhaustive process was carried out with the Pronto BPO staff, evaluating the culture and organizational climate that allow determining the characteristics, behaviors, and skills required to be a culturally powerful company. “At Pronto BPO, with a presence in three Central American countries, we are specialists in customer…

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The Contact Center and multilingual bpo PRONTO BPO is part of TOP Companies’ Top + America 2022 Ranking, a position that confirms that it is one of the most important companies committed to human capital in the region. TOP Companies is the world’s leading firm in the diagnosis and strengthening of organizational culture. It is responsible for accompanying organizations in strengthening their culture, helping them to consolidate as competitive, sustainable and humane companies, which is why it has the tools to make the necessary measurements and choose the places where everyone wants to work. The Organizational Culture and Climate assessment…

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Welcome Honduras

, By Andrea BarillasLeave a comment

The Guatemalan company with more than 15 years of being a specialist in customer service, with highly qualified human talent and born with the philosophy of generating jobs to collaborate with the development of the societies where it is present, Pronto BPO recently opened its doors in Tegucigalpa, in order to further strengthen operations and open new European markets. The new Pronto BPO headquarters is located on the ninth floor of the Novacentro Shopping Center, located at Avenida La Paz and Parque Comercial Los Próceres. The growth has accelerated, the experience has gained more ground with the headquarters in Guatemala…

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Having trouble with your customers colletions?

, By Andrea BarillasLeave a comment

    Dealing with customers who have a reputation for paying late or not paying can be a difficult and complicated process that can be time consuming, especially if they do not have the right experience and tools to be able to deal with the issue correctly. One of the best ideas to handle this issue is to outsource the collection of the receivables to a specialized company with the necessary experience. It is the best option to try to internally manage a debt collection process. Know the advantages of hiring an outsourcing company for debt collection: You save time:…

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Benefits of hiring a Software Development Outsourcing Company

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Thanks to the pandemic, the digital era has come a long way to be able to connect and continue working remotely, improving our business platforms and continue our operations without any problems.Nowadays, it is important to develop platforms so that a business can stand out from the competition, in addition to having tools that facilitate information and ways of working internally to generate better customer satisfaction. Software outsourcing is a modality in which a company chooses to hire an external company to offer services related to software development. This may include the development, planning, management, maintenance and (or) operation of…

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Workstation Rental?

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What does an all-inclusive workstation rental service consist of: set-up, furniture and operation? Planning and carrying out the project of functional offices requires investing a lot of time, effort and especially capital. Nowadays, companies are trying to find ways to reduce costs in an efficient way, but this can jeopardize the conditions of the work area. As an alternative, there is the renting service, which saves resources to companies and allows them to concentrate on their business, especially because the space to be rented has all the possible amenities at an affordable price. The home office that has been established…

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Reasons why your business need a Contact Center.

By Andrea BarillasLeave a comment

Contact centers are growing in importance, as customers increasingly expect organizations to be consistently available on various channels, not just over the phone. You can find many solutions and complement your business with Pronto BPO. First of all, Contact Centers helps you build customer confidence & customer loyalty. When customers shop online, they all want to make sure that they are actually buying something real and from a company they can reach in any way, specially if the product doesn’t arrive. Some customers prefer to make a call to place an order than have concerns about making suspicious online purchases.…

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Outsourcing: Revista Summa

, By Andrea BarillasLeave a comment

Learn more about our business from the article made by Summa Magazine!Read the full article here: https://revistasumma.com/revista-summa-digital-edicion-331/ With more than 15 years of experience in customer service call center implementation, Pronto is considered as the best ally to offer “true customer service” trying to transmit that extra mile, being in the shoes of our customers and their customers. It uses Artificial Intelligence integrated in the digital and voice channels, which allows to make the agents’ work time more efficient. In addition, the platform for outbound is individualized, according to the requirements of each customer, thanks to the programming of a…

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Adopto el teletrabajo, anticipándose a la Crisis Sanitaria

, By Andrea BarillasLeave a comment

We adopt telework in anticipation of the health crisis Isabel Rosales Nanne, is the executive director of the Pronto BPO call center company, is a university professor and also has experience in corporate market risk management, in advising on Corporate Banking and an analyst of Investments acquired in international banking institutions. Her vision led the company to anticipate the crisis, and thus became the first call center in Guatemala to implement the work modality at the beginning of March 2020: two weeks before economic activities in the country were closed. By the time that happened, 95% of the operators were…

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